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Complete web services for your small to medium business.
New Site Special
Your Own Domain Name (includes 3 years registration)
1 year web hosting with up to 500 mb web server space.
Unlimited virtual e-mail address forwarding:
10 POP3 e-mail addresses:
Digitize your company logo.
1 hour digital photo session of your location.
Unlimited customer supplied Digital images.
Unlimited customer supplied Digital Graphics.
5 .html web pages and complete web site setup.
Unlimited Links.
1 Guest book or Feedback form, (counts as one HTML page)
Limited CGI & Java Scripting & Mouseovers
Register with 12 major search engines.
Why Choose Masotto's Web Tech to write your web site?
  1.) Quality work at the lowest prices..
2.) Our approach is simple effective Web Pages that load FAST for your customers
3.) Sites are designed to minimize the World Wide Wait
4.) We will work with you on every aspect of web construction.
5.) Your complete satisfaction is our highest priority.
Mission Statement:
  With the World Wide Web at the front door, our goal is to help small to medium businesses open up to a whole new world of opportunity. We aim to provide cost effective web services and excellent customer support. We won't accept anything less
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Arizona Trains & Hobbies.
Cherry Sound.
Dr. Hegde Dental.
Hawthorne Automated Flight Service Station.
Monteleone Meadows.
Ramin Nograhaen D.D.S.

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